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The Lord Mayor of Oxford

Councillor Mohammed Abbasi 

Dorothy's stall

Cards, paintings and prints

Al's stall

Bric a brac and collectables

Charlie's stall
Vintage and eclectic  clothes

Nursa and Brindi's stall

Chick pea curry 

Ronald's stall

Photographic artwork

Parry's stall

Gemstones, rocks and incense

Gerhart's stall

Moorcroft, Laura Bailey and collectables

Amanda and Frank's stall

Original and vintage treasures

John's stall

Flowers and bouquets

Jackie's stall

Reclaimed and recycled jewellry

Halal and Chris's stall

Individual jewellry pieces from Turkey

Richard's stall

Clothes, ornaments and toys

Dorothy's stall

Cards £3 or four for a tenner

Craig & Frank's stall

Market burgers with sizzling onions.

The Mad Hatter visits the market

What fun to meet such a distinguished chap

Richard's stall

Beautiful printing pieces

Dave and Jean's stall

Everything £1

Jamie and Daniella's stall

Greeting cards of wildlife

Catherine Dardiello's stall 

Concert Pianist

Safey's stall

Lighters, purses and silk hankerchiefs

Sarah Singing

Saturday market

Jane and Noel's stall

Garden centre in the market

Oliver's stall

Cork bags

Peter and Jame's stall

Oxford photographers

Anthony and Ralph's stall

Fruit and Vegetables locally sourced

Dave marketing the market

Advertising board

Rachel's stall

Vegan and gluten free cakes

Louise and Annie's stall

One offs and gems galore

Lucille's stall (Mrs B)

Bric a brac and jewellry

Hill and Choco's stall

Peruvian food

Geoff's stall

Illustrated  stationary and house goods

Sarah Raymond

Singing in the market

Ronnie's stall

Memorbilia and vintage records

Oliver's unoffical stall

Cork bags

Patrick's stall

Vintage, eclectic collectables.

The Oliver's stall

Pottery cups, saucers and decorations

Adam's stall


Camia's stall

Polish folk art products

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