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Selection of Shorts

Artist Residency

Six week residency with IT Services at the University of Oxford. Thank you for such an inspiring summer, Dorothy x

Deserted Factory

Deserted Factory in Snowland is an animation commissioned by the artist Pia Silvi for her incredible debut album Atmosferiks.


Musician Simon Toke sings about his beloved Malvern. 
Animation by dorothy

Wee Women

‘Wee Women’ is  a three minute animation made possible by The Oxford Film and Video Makers Award 2006. Using 3 foot paper models set against real life footage of Oxfordshire town, the animation was created using  Stop Motion Pro and  blue screen. 

Une fois par mois: once a month

Animation celebrating the monthly cycle.
Music and animation by dorothy


Cold winter's tendrils fills the spaces that your summer love has left.

Music and animation by dorothy

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